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2022 Mountain Mamas: General Edition 2

Mountain Mamas are a group of women, supported by Mountain Mamas Political Action Committee (MtnMamasPAC) who filed for office on their own but then chose to get to know each other, help each other, support each other, and hopefully hit the ground running when they are elected to the West Virginia Legislature.

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What We Do

Mountain Mamas PAC supports the women who choose to run as Mountain Mamas by connecting them, helping them communicate, coordinate some campaign activities (transparently reported as in-kind donations), and by doing things on its own to promote the MtnMamas brand & each of the candidates. Started in 2018, the PAC has created opportunities for Mountain Mamas to get together or get training and has created materials that promote them as a group through social media and campaign materials such as postcards, buttons, etc. While Mountain Mamas has not had sufficient funds to provide candidates with direct assistance and financial contributions, as we grow we very much hope to give all the help we can. Under a new law in 2019 (which Mountain Mamas opposed), individuals may now give $10,000 per election year ($5,000 in both the primary & the general). However, we do a lot with a little and appreciate even the smallest of donations. The current PAC President is Patricia Hamilton, a former Mountain Mama-backed candidate from Charleston.  The current PAC Treasurer is Susan Perry, also a former Mountain Mama-backed candidate from Logan.  The PAC is registered with the WV Secretary of State.

We want every opportunity to connect with you! Please check out our upcoming events to meet the dynamic Women that want to make meaningful change in West Virginia.

How it works

How to become a Mountain Mama.

Either the candidate approaches the PAC or the PAC approaches women who have filed for the West Virginia Legislature, and we talk about what we both hope to accomplish. You can find out more about what Mountain Mamas stand for under “About Us.” Future candidates who want to get to know, support and work with other forward-thinking women are encouraged to talk with some of those who ran as Mountain Mamas and with DL see if it feels right for you. If you think you have something to offer the legislative process and have the courage, time and energy it takes to put your name on the ballot, YOU SHOULD RUN!

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Each MtnMama is running her own campaign – and decides for herself where she goes, who she is photographed with, what she says. Pictures of a MtnMama with another candidate or at a particular event does NOT imply an endorsement by MtnMamasPAC, other MtnMamas, or even THAT Mtn Mama in the picture. Similarly, there are lots of people wearing MtnMama t-shirts. The views expressed are those of the wearer.

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